BEFORE/AFTER: bench re-upholstering (level: easy)

I picked up this old piano bench in an antiques shop on Holloway Road and used it as a bedside table for ages. In my new flat, it’s being repurposed as a coffee table and additional seating for parties. It really needed cheering up (and a cleaner fabric).

I pried up the nails and kept them – underneath the silk I discovered the original covering, which I left in place, as the foam seemed in good shape. If it hadn’t been, I would have cut some foam to size and glued it in place with wood glue.

I used curtain fabric to make it hard-wearing – measured and cut, ensuring I left enough for the sides, and to make about two inches of overhang along the bottom. I then carefully folded the corners and used thumbtacks to hold the new upholstery in place.

Total time: less than half an hour.

Materials: curtain fabric (half a metre), thumbtacks, hammer.


Algie approves:



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